I am a  SEO who enjoys helping clients gain top ten rankings on Google.  I started this business because I hated how SEO take advantage of clients and how much they charge. I was like many of you, I was cheated by countless freelance Indians and SEO who are NOT experts of SEO. My name is Mohammed and I was born and raised in Hopkins, MN and I enjoy helping businesses rank their sites to the top ten of Google. I learned SEO for a few reasons and one of the main reasons was because I was sick of of being cheated by countless so called SEO. I hated how unfair they were and how much they charged and the fact that they were not honest at all.  For example, a SEO in Minnesota or anywhere will tell you that in order to rank top ten you need 2-6 months of non stop monthly fees. That's a lie! As a expert SEO, I can tell you that I can rank your website in between 2-3 months for most local terms or even faster in many cases, depending on factors like the domain age and other various factors. In addition I hated the fact that they dared to ask for a upfront payment when they can't even assure you will rank and worse yet they know they are not skilled enough to rank you, yet they still dare to ask for upfront payment,  its a joke and disgusting. I hate cheaters and people who over charge others,  I also hate people who get paid without doing any work or without proving without a doubt that their clients  will get results and no one can do that unless they offer escrow payment protection, which is a account that will hold your money until you receive your top ten rankings, and only once you gain your results you release your money to me that means your money is kept safe and there is no risk to your money, which  is most important. I am the only one who does this because I understand what you feel as I have felt it too and its not pleasant. Why should I pay a upfront payment and risk my money and not even know if or when I will get results. Its a horrible feeling and that is one of the main reasons why I decided to learn SEO and provide it to people who deserve better then what most SEO provide.  I am the one who handles all you projects and unlike other SEO firms with me there is no risk to your money because I use escrow payment protection. 
*** Please Note: I can only accept a limited amount of clients per month and as you may expect since my offer is the safest offer, many people are interested so don't waste time and contact me before I am full for this month. 
I can help you rank your website to the top 10 of google and will be happy to assist you. And best of all is that you release payment only on results! Ecrow is accreditted by the BBB and that will make you feel confident that escrow payment protection is a trust worthy and safe payment method.